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Mizushima Complex

The film Investigates the history of immigrant workers settled in the Mizushima Industrial Zone from WW II to the present, rendering the perspectives of colonialism, imperialism, migration, nationalism, and globalization in Asia. Based on the primary sources collected in its research phase, the work attempts cross-sectional consideration by trilogy:

1) immigrant workers in the pre-war and during WWII.

2) immigrant workers in the postwar to the present time.

3) female immigrant workers.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 considers the actual conditions of Japanese trainers and Korean trainees through surveys and interviews with the survivors, making visual experiences of often conflicting backgrounds of both nationals during WWII.

Video, HD, Single Channel, 26:42 min, 2015

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 consists of interviews with Brazilian residents in Japan and their descendants who settled after amendment to the Japanese Immigration Control Law in 1990, as well as Chinese and Vietnamese who traveled to Japan under the immigrant workers training system.

Video, HD, Single Channel, 31:51 min, 2016

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 consists of immigrant Filipino women engaged in the sex industry in the Mizushima area against the landscape of their hometown.

Video, HD, Single Channel, 26:22  min, 2017

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